Nowadays it's hard for me to call somebody a real artist. Too many people out there abuse this term to describe their mediocrity, no matter if you look at so-called musicians, visual artists, creative technicians or any other kind of artistic scenes. When I got in touch with SUNVEMETAL for the very first time some years ago, I felt immediately that those pictures are one of a kind. While other photographers just poorly try to shoot some random pictures to get free entry at the next festival, this girl managed to invent her very unique style of visual art, able to supplement the band's performance with an outstanding piece of art, capturing the wide range of emotion, energy and atmosphere of a concert! If you are responsible for any kind of concerts, festivals or tour productions, be sure that this wonderful and professional person behind SUNVEMETAL is part of the event - because there is simply no better choice for your photographer's pit, honestly!


Chris // Eld Events



SUNVEMETAL stands for a unique and absolute distinctive style of photography. In a huge vicinity of hundreds of generic photographers in that business SUNVE always emphasizes with her work - and this is a really special feature when she shoots photos into salient art. Since SUNVEMETAL exists, she always used to withdraw herself with passion, straight professionalism and a huge amount of talent from others who are simply just pressing their release buttons.
Micha // Catapult Promotion- Booking Agent, Manager & Promoter






SUNVEMETAL's understanding of her subjects and her feeling for what they do, coupled with that magic touch she has, raises her work high above the mass of unoriginal and banal live photography that is so prevalent today. Her work has a vibrancy and originality all of its own - there is no way you could mistake it for anyone else's. Knowing that she will be present at a concert where one of my bands is performing always raises my spirits and leaves me eager with anticipation to see the results. She does not just take photographs, she creates pieces of art, and she does so with the utmost professionalism and courtesy at all times.
Patricia Thomas // Patricia Thomas Band Management









Following SUNVEMETAL's work for quite some time before, I met this nice and friendly Miss for the first time during the Kings of Black Metal festival in 2014. Her work is full of personality, perfection and that certain something using material as well as post production for the best possible. The result is awesome, powerful and impressive. This artist is simply gifted by an incredible talent meant for a great carrier in the family of extreme Metal music.
Gwenaële // Gwenn Negative Art




I had several opportunities to meet and work with SUNVEMETAL. Communicating with her is fun and inspirational for both sides, which makes it easy for her to get along with absolutely everyone, from the fans to the big stars. Working with her on the same project is an absolute pleasure. She’s very diligent, ambitious and responsible, she has her unique style as a photographer and is very eloquent as a writer, and she takes her assignments very seriously. At one point I had fallen ill before a festival I was accredited for and she was the best choice I could have made when searching for a substitute: the four day report she delivered was thorough, entertaining to read and perfectly illustrated – just like I expected her work to be.
Daniel Pereira// Metalstorm, Legacy Magazine




To combine two passions, music and photography, and turn them into something which is undoubtedly worth being called art – that's what SUNVEMETAL represents. Aesthetic pleasure. And of course, always a delight to meet her in the photo pit.
Jackie // Totalutfrysning Photography




SUNVE of SUNVEMETAL is not only a highly professional, amiable and eloquent photographer but also able to work even under most difficult conditions and still provide excellent output. Collaborating with her is always pleasant and straightforward, even if deadlines are tight and job requests come in quite spontaneously. This said, I am definitely looking forward to continue our working relationship in future.
Sigi Maier // Zillo Medieval, Miroque,











We are working together with SUNVEMETAL for many years. No matter if it´s just a single concert or a whole tour, SUNVE always got the intuition for the best moments of a show. Her work is way beyond regular concert photography and every single picture reflects the energy and the emotions of a full show. She truly is an artist and her kind character is an enrichment for the music scene!






I really recommend the stunning photography of SUNVEMETAL and wish her all the best continuing on her way!
Masha // ARKONA




SUNVEMETAL shot many great photos at BELPHEGOR rituals. She has the talent to capture Magick moments for an outstanding shoot.
Helmuth Lehner// BELPHEGOR




To me my highest demand to music is passion. SUNVEMETAL is one of few who can translate this demand into visual aesthetics. Every single shot shows pure passion – never the touch of an ordinary contract.
Stephan // FJOERGYN





Her creative approach to the matter makes SUNVE one of the best photographers working on live shows. I absolutely adore her work! 


Atf Sinner // HATE




It's just a matter of good cameras people say. No it's not I say. SUNVEMETAL is the proof.





SUNVEMETAL brings back the beauty and the artistic vibe to live photography. As a musician, it is an adventurous experience to see the magic of a moment being captured forever visually.


Mille // KREATOR




SUNVEMETAL's pictures are always intense monumental shots what makes them absolutely unique. But first and foremost they all are 100% Metal!
Oliver Hippauf // MACBETH




SUNVEMETAL stands for awesome and majestic photography! She has the talent to freeze the emotions of my art and is able to deliver every single time photographs which are capturing the atmosphere at different shows perfectly. It's simple: SUNVEMETAL makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill picture and art.




It's every time a windfall to see SUNVEMETAL in the photo pit as she has proved a recipe for an outstanding capture of our performances. You can really feel her passion in every single shot she delivers.
Argaŋar // OBSCURITY





Many photographers can take good pitures but SUNVE is the only one who catches the entire atmosphere.


Nikon D7000
Sigma 10mm F/2.8
Nikon 50mm F/1.8

Nikon 50mm F/1.4
Nikon 18 mm - 105 mm - F/3.5-5.6
Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8
Tamron 70-300 mm F4,0 - 5,6
Nikon SB900

2x Yongnuo Speedlite YN560 II


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Blast!-Nuclear Blast cataloque (GER, UK, FR)

Fränkische Zeitung

Legacy (GER) 

Level (TR)

Parát magazine (CZ)

RockHard (GER)

Slowly We Rot (RO)

Zillo (GER)

Zillo Medieval (GER)




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